I’d rather be sewing!

You know those bumper stickers that read “I’d rather be fishing” or–in Colorado where I live–“I’d rather be skiing”?  Well, when it comes to blogging, I need a bumper sticker that says “I’d rather be sewing” or, drawing, or reading, or even cleaning my oven, because when it comes to working on the computer, I’d really rather be doing just about anything else.  This photo is not of me, but of my dog Bertie, but this is exactly how I feel when I even think about sitting down at the computer. But I met with my webmistress yesterday to learn how to create blog posts on my own (she and her colleague did my earlier ones), and my homework was to create a new one myself as soon as I got home, before I forgot everything she so patiently taught me. I’m just one day late, which is pretty good for me. I would so rather be sewing!